I_likeJeroen Cantaert

I’m Jeroen Cantaert, born in Ghent/Belgium on 26.09.1989 and I’m specializing myself in marketing, especially digital marketing. In my private time, i love organising events and all exercise all kind of boardsports . I love enjoying life everyday because each day can be your last, so take it to the next level!

If you want to know more about my professional life, then don’t hesistate to download my cv!

Thanks to my internship of my first high school formation (marketing management), I got inspired by the way the digital is living in marketing. It wasn’t difficult to descide what my second high school formation would be. I quickly found Ehsal Management school which has the postgraduate called Digital Marketing and Communication. All the lessons are given in a very professional way by guest lecturers, I really like it a lot!

Thanks to my organisation called “Schtampf“, I earned some experience in organising events in the harder styles of music. I have the responsibility over my promoteam, book all artists and photographers, do all the marketing tasks, keep in contact with all artists before, during and after the event and adapt the PayLogic-account.
Ps: I want you to be the first to know the name of my next concept… It will be called “Wild Cardz

And last but not least, I love all kinds of boardsports and those are the biggest subjects of this blog. The very last formation I wish to do is to get my snowboardmonitor certificate. This is definitely something I’m dreaming of for a long time. I try to follow my dreams as much as possible and by far this seems to be going well.


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