Blog_banner_AboutIt all started with my first task from my Digital Marketing and Communication formation at the EHSAL management school in Brussels. I began thinking about a subject, a good theme and a well tought storyline for my blog. It quickly became clear i wanted to share some of my experiences.

I really want to exercise all boardsports the world has to offer and this by discovering planet earth in the first place. With that in my mind, I’ve seperated the “board-sports” tab into three subtabs which I named: Snow (snowboarding, snowskating), Concrete (skateboarding, longboarding, freeboarding, mountainbaording) and Water (surfing, wakeboarding, flowriding).

Travelling, linked to the element Air, is another aspect I can’t ignore to add. In September 2015, it was my first time I travelled alone to a foreign country, Portugal. This was really one of the best descisions in my life because I could do anything I wanted, I’ve met a lot of people and got to know myself in another way. After my first year of work, I’ll go travelling for one year, probably to Australia, Thailand and New-Zealand. I will keep this blog up to date when I’m there.

With the four elements of planet earth, I’ve made my banner for my blog.
It’s made out of air, snow, concrete and water.

Enjoy reading!


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