Flaine 2016


It has been for a long time at the top of my bucketlist: being a snowboardmonitor/instructor. A few months ago I was in Berlin for a friend’s birthday, when another friend (Wout) sent a WhatsApp-message to know if I had something to do at the end of March. Even if I was in Berlin, he had my attention and I listened to the reason of the question. He was looking for a second snowboarder to go to Flaine. He told me Neckermann needed one more instructor to teach some girls what’s snowboarding is all about. I was still in Berlin, so I wasn’t able to give him a certain answer, but the question at that moment was: Am I almost no rookie anymore? I  hope so…


NeckermannOnce I was home, I  called Wout for more information. He told me about the organisation and his previous experiences with the group. A women he knows organises this trip for a long time and it all started with a group of good friends. The group became bigger and bigger which ended right now with a big group of 200 acquaintances. The intention of the trip is that Wout and I will be the instructor of the children from the group and this  everyday till the afternoon. It sounded like music in my ears! I asked him some time to check my agenda and double-check my days of work at my internship. Finally after a few days I called him back and confirmed the trip. Eventually it’s still a snowboard trip for a very small amount of money and a very nice accommodation. Finally I would be able to check “become a snowboard instructor” from my bucketlist, but I’m quite sure it wouldn’t be the last time!


Once the trip comes closer, it becomes more exciting! I’m thinking 13976c21c44578a68a751258f5ca2bdd_400x400about how to handle the lessons because without a certificate it really isn’t a matter of course . Last week I arranged a meeting with Wout in the “Trollenkelder” in Ghent to talk about the process of the trip to France, the snowboardlessons and a lot more.

There will be two groups of snowboarders. One group who can’t snowboard at all and an other group who has a little experience. I’m willing to teach the group without any boardin-‘experience because otherwise I should be able to say to the non-beginners what they could do better to strengthen the technique. It’s definitely a fact of self-confidence and enough knowledge. That’s why Wout gave me the tip to look up many YouTube-videos about how to snowboard. When I think about it, it may not be difficult because I have been snowboarding since I’m eleven years old.


The preparations are done, today I collected all my clothes and gear. That’s to make tomorrow’s “luggage-pack-day” a lot more easier. The clock is thicking and the adventure is coming closer. When I searched the internet to collect some more information about Flaine, I was almost blown away by the snow conditions. They look incredible, a nearly four-meter thick layer of snow at the top! Mmmmm… I like: packed powder 🙂

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-24 om 01.11.41

After seeing the video above there was only one thing to do, take care of all the work I have to do (school, internship and my own nightlife organisation)! If all this is done, I’ll have a perfect emptied mind and a fully charged battery.
TikTak, clock is ticking… 3 days to go!
Curious about my first instructor adventures? Come back in two weeks to read the full story! Bye.


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