Lissabon 2015


I’ve made one of the best decisions of my life in 2015, in detail: travelling alone! I would recommend it to everybody, because you see a lot more things when compared with travelling in group!

How did I prepare myself? I talked to many people who had done it before and planned my trip day by day. I was quite sure it wouldn’t be boring when I’ve planned enough and I was right. Afterwards I mentioned myself that it wasn’t that necessary to plan that much. It’s a lot better to go with the flow because everyday you get to know new people.


In the first place I was wondering what I should do when my plane DestinationSunsetHostellanded, but it wasn’t that difficult because I had to do the first thing on my planning. Finding the amazing hostel called “Destination Sunset Hostel”. I knew I had to catch a bus at the airplane, but I couldn’t find it immediately. I went back inside and asked one of the many friendly Portuguese. Afterwards my adventure was started. I catched the bus and he dropped me off at his last stop and there it was right in front of me, the promising hostel.

Pub Crawl

Barrio_AltoI was very warmly welcomed at the place and they suggested me my first activity, a pub crawl in Barrio Alto. Those historical and narrow streets are the perfect spot for all tourists, a lot of nationalities can be found at night. It couldn’t be better, the best opportunity for me to get to know some people, so I joined.


After a very nice night where I’ve met some Russian, Australian, Czech and German people, I spent 90% of the day at the rooftop swimming pool. The other 10% of the day I’veSangria
spent by exploring the cozy streets of Lissabon. When I was walking, I accidentally noticed some 
guys who where building the skatepark for Red Bull Skate Arcade. I was glad I bumped on it. I eventuelly qued the row to catch the Santa-Justa lift to have a nice view over the centre of Lissabon. In the lift I’ve met a pretty Italian girl. When we’ve enjoyed the nice view, we drunk a sangria together and finally our paths had to split and we went to our hostels.

Street Art Tour

PsychiatricWall_Lisboa_graffitiThe very lovely Street Art Tour was planned for the third day. It was incredible! We (the guide and a good looking French girl) were driving around with a van from the hostel to catch the professional graffiti pieces around Lissabon. The guide told us all the stories she knew about the pieces and they were incredible. She gave an extra dimension to the tour because of the underlying meanings that she was able to tell us. We watched the outside walls of a prison, a psychiatric hospital, a bridge and a lot of more. To give you an example, the picture on the left is a graffiti piece on the wall of a psychiatric hospital. The guy who was painted in great detail was a patient from inside the hospital. A wonderfull gesture, definitely when you compare it with the horrible white walls in Belgium. Finally the trip came to an end and I went to a restaurant with the French girl and had a very great talk. When we had eaten our food, our ways split.


She went to her hostel and I went to the historical site of Sintra. Sintra_PortugalWith the train, it was just an hour away from Lissabon. Cheap, fast and fun! I should recommend this place to everyone. It’s a very cozy little protected place by Unesco with very colorfull buildings and castles. I don’t want to give away all of it because you just have to visit it. The beautifull fact about Portugal are the very friendly and social people. On the way back I met someone on the train and we had a lot in common. We talked a bit and he told me the shortest way to get back to Lissabon. To end this perfect day, I took a walk with an Irish girl who was planning to go to Peniche too. Talking about coincidence!

Peniche dreams

TukTuk_LisboaThe Fourth day was my last day in Lissabon, because I planned to travel further up North to the surf capital of Europa called Peniche. It was my last and meanwhile even the hottest day of my time in Lissabon. It can be warm and also too warm, definitely to watch the Red Bull Skate Arcade. I couldn’t last the heat for more than an our, a big pity! I searched for something small to end my time in Lissabon and took a guided tuktuk to Graça, the top of Lissabon. Luckily I was able to bargain the trip because it was to expansive on my own.

The rest of my trip in Portugal, I’ve spent in the surf-capital of Europe. That’s why the focus in Peniche is fully focused on surfing. Want to know more about this side of the story?
Go and check it out at in my next blogpost! 

Thanks for reading my amazing experience!


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