Flaine 2016

Rookie It has been for a long time at the top of my bucketlist: being a snowboardmonitor/instructor. A few months ago I was in Berlin for a friend’s birthday, when another friend (Wout) sent a WhatsApp-message to know if I had something to do at the end of March. Even if I was in Berlin, […]

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If you like to read a few of my personal boardtips, go check out my updated page! I’ll update this page from time to time, so don’t mind to check it frequently…

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Peniche 2015

The memorable Portugal story continues… Bustrip After the incredible hot day in Lisboa, it was time for my next stop: Peniche! The fourth day was the last day and I was dreaming about my next adventure all day. My first time surfing, and above all in the surf-capital of Europe… How will it be? Because […]

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Lissabon 2015

Alone? I’ve made one of the best decisions of my life in 2015, in detail: travelling alone! I would recommend it to everybody, because you see a lot more things when compared with travelling in group! How did I prepare myself? I talked to many people who had done it before and planned my trip […]

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